Welcome to Shahzad Textile Mills

Shahzad Textile Mills

From one of the God’s blessings: a soft and pleasant flower that yields into fluffy cotton flock. From the fields where they are hand-harvested and spun into the perfect high quality exclusive yarns, Shahzad Textile Mills brings for you from World’s best Egyptian cotton.

From its origin up to the present day, urge for an elegant lifestyle strengthened the presence of linen in everyday life, especially for elegant suiting. Linen at Shahzad Textile Mills possesses an antique fiber, cool, precious, natural, incomparable for its sumptuousness and elegance, made from linum usatissimum.

The luxury fiber par excellence that for centuries has dressed the rich and powerful. The golden fiber, commonly known as Silk. At Shahzad Textile Mills we are producing from Silks which are warm, light, soft, cool, delicate and fine with iridescent reflections that are just begging to be embroidered and decorated.

All these fibers are esthetically selected, weaved by expert hands and checked deliberately in order to attain excellence to produce exclusive fabric for sensual and comfortable wear.

With most exclusive fabric collection, absolutely produced 100% with unique and precious fibers, the suiting fabric made by Shahzad Textile Mills is for personalities who want not enough a suit but want to be sure they are wearing a personal, made for them, unique suiting.

We make you feel elegant !

Our Vision

To be a Sustainable, growth oriented company and achieve scale to remain competitive, in the barrier free global economy.  

Our Mission

To build the company on the sound financial footing with better Productivity, excellence in quality and improved efficiency at lower operating costs by utilizing blend of state of the art technologies. To accomplish excellent results through increased earnings which can benefit all the stakeholders. To be a responsible employer and to take care of the employees in their career planning and reward them according to their abilities and performance. To fulfill general obligations towards the society, being a good corporate citizen.

Our Quality Standards

Keeping up with the ever increasing awareness of quality and high standards, the principle of continually improving the products and production techniques is followed. A well-trained quality control department is responsible for ensuring that the quality of all the products of the Company meets the most stringent international standards.